Exposing our abusers to raise awareness in a big way!

by Gale Chambers
(Benton, Arkansas)

My case was dismissed before it was even heard.

My case was dismissed before it was even heard.


I'm breaking my silence and not protecting these abusers by remaining quiet as they wanted. A close friend and child care worker compromised my financial information, my bank account and debit cards corrupted, and my family's reservation for a Disney World resort was cancelled after they harassed and stalked my family. The reason why is because her son did something very unsettling to my daughter (both pictured above) & wanted to silence me. Since I am in my final year and doing a lot of networking, volunteering, training, and an externship as a Domestic and Sexual Violence victim advocate. I am of limited means and budgeted for over a year in advance to save to go on to Disney World but have had to use these resources that were allotted for the trip in order to respond to these events.

Funds will go to costs related to medical assistance, attorney consultations, court costs & service of documents among others that were intended for our vacation. This is greater than the goal amount but would rather more attention be placed on the reason for the campaign than money. Many parents in rely on quality childcare to keep their children safe when they have to be away, but they could be at risk.

I filed small claims case because she was not reasonable & I was scared. I tried to get an order of protection against her for the irrational and threatening behaviors. My order of protection was denied. The reason being, after the sheriff deputy called to notify me that she was served, I went to file for the order, she and her boss were leaving as I went in. After she left, I was filling out the proper forms, and she came BACK knowing I was there and chased me to the window! I was relieved that they witnessed her behavior first hand but then I was asked "Why did you come here after her" as if I was doing something wrong. She basically destroyed my reputation with my peers and I was discredited and humiliated. And I felt totally helpless.

She was doing so to cover up her tracks, and I suspect, because pressure from her boss because she didn't want her son's conduct to be exposed either. But for some reason, my petition was not approved, nothing happened. The sheriff's office advised me to go to the prosecuting attorney who basically passed me off and told me to go file a police report. The police department criminal investigation division didn't seem that they wanted to be bothered with it (apparently she had already made contact) and told me to see how things played out in the civil court case. The small civil claim was dismissed before it was even heard by the same judge that denied my order of protection. Nothing ever happened. The boss, her son, the worker & her son are still at the child care facility with 50+ children that are at risk daily.

Before you read any further, you have to see the story unfold to believe it:


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