Filmmaker currently set to make film to bring awareness to physical abuse towards women.

by C.G. Ryche
(Fontana, CA)

C.G. Ryche Films produces 'My Name is Lily,' a movie with a cause.

Filmmaker currently set to make film to raise awareness about domestic violence towards women. C.G. Ryche Films is in pre-production on a powerful and relevant short film that sheds light on emotional and physical abuse towards women, entitled 'My Name is Lily.'

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker C.G. Ryche, 'My Name is Lily' is a period film about a couple living in1871 America, in an unstable relationship of lies, denial and abuse. When a young womanizer named Steven confesses he’s using his wife’s pregnancy to get ahead at the bank, his wife, Lily, who’s pregnant with their first child, confronts him about the affair she knows he’s having with a co-worker. Steven becomes defensive and angry in response to Lily’s accusations. The verbal altercation spins into much more after his wife tells him that she has had a miscarriage. He lashes out with physical abuse, blaming her for ruining his chance at success. Lily is cornered into making a strong choice to ensure her survival.

“I wanted to tell a story that could move the audience and make a difference in the world," states director / writer C.G. Ryche, “We have an incredible opportunity to raise awareness about domestic violence as well as making a spectacular film. That's why we felt compelled to start a ‘Kickstarter’ to raise funds, it gives a community of people that have a deep passion about this issue the opportunity to be part of something that can make a difference,” says C.G. The money raised will be used for financing the filming of ‘My Name is Lily,' promotions and fees to enter the film into film festivals such as Cannes & Sundance. The film is highlighted by some established actors out of Hollywood including: Susan Elizabeth Shaw, Barrett Kiick and Ashlie Garrett.“ I believe that if we stand together, our voice becomes more powerful; this film will open eyes, it's sum will be greater than it's parts.” To find out more about how to get involved please visit and share the link below.

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