by Adriana gonzalez
(Nc, gastonia)

Hello, my name is Adriana. I'm 24 years old, currently living in Gastonia, NC. Recently, my abusive husband recently kicked out of my house, and, of course, I have a domestic violence case open. I don't have family here, and I'm not homeless because I'm staying at a friends house, but I need your help so I can get on my feet and get out of this mess with my kids. I can't go back to my country because my oldest has autism, and he receives here in the US all the therapies and helps that he needs. If you want to help me or know someone who can help, this is my go fund page: I'm not asking for much whatever you can donate. I will be more than blessed and happy; I need this money to hire a Family/divorce lawyer and to cover my kids' necessities like diapers, baby wipes, etc. since my husband doesn't help with care.

Thank you so much, GOD Bless you.

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