Mental Illness;Domestic Violence; Child Abuse; Neglect; Sexual Molestation; School Bullying..and so MUCH more!



My part to play in this world is to share my story. It's painful to do and not something I look forward to doing EXCEPT for the thought of helping Million's and Million's of children going thru MUCH MORE and helping them to become a SURVIVOR! My book is called KERRI'S CURSE MIXED BLOOD MOTHER OF MADNESS PART I. Go to to look for the book and read a preview of the beginning of my story.

It is not in print that's why I need as much help as possible getting this life changing story to the children and their support network-It TRULY takes a VILLAGE.

I'm physically disabled, in a city with very few friends, and no personal transportation! Living on SSI everybody knows you barely get enough to pay for bills, food, and medication. I need everyone's help!

I am in the process of changing the fundraiser from my account receiving the funds and have them go directly to my Publisher Inkwater Press, Portland, OR. If you would like to do that now here's their website address and phone # You will NOT see my book in their library because it's not in print or available for sale. Call them and they know me by name. 503-968-6777. Everyone knows me after all these years. My e-mail is

Kerri Shaw

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