Revenge is a dish best served cold

by Child of God
(In the heavens)

I look in the mirror, and I see my chipped tooth. Every day I'm reminded of that night.

Forth of July, two days before our anniversary when he got drunk and took off in my car. Left me in a church parking lot in front of all these people with no shoes and 12 weeks pregnant.

I remember the anniversary before that when we got into an argument at a big park that was empty. Of course, he had been drinking that time too. And, he tackled me to the ground and slapped me so god damn hard my ear started ringing, and I went dizzy. So I fought him back.

Or the time we were in my car after he got into an argument with some family of mine, and I, being the idiot, defended him, and he punched me in my face and busted my lip up and bruised my jaw. Also pregnant, and of course being stupid, I came with him to his mother's house to stay because I was stupid and gave up everything I had to be with this disgusting piece of shit.

I know it sounds weak of me. But I have nothing left, and I feel like I have to use him to get on my own two feet right now. He's all I have now. Boy, what a fucking idiot I am. What a poor excuse for someone soon to be a mother. I have a plan to leave, but it takes time. Right now this is my only option. Just wanted to vent and get that off my chest. And how much I fucking hate him and can't wait until it's his turn.

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