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Love does not look like this

From the moment I met him I knew I loved him, it felt like I knew him for all time. It started small, flashes of anger then telling and breaking things. In between those moments of anger then breaking things. He is sweet, gentle kind caring. He said I was the most beautiful woman in the world and I deserve the best things in the world no one should ever do anything to hurt you.

The first time he hit me we had gone on a trip. We were both tired, and we were both irritatable and frustrated. Things were not going as planned. I know life rarely ever goes the way we expect it in all its perfection. We stopped to eat and refresh ourselves we got in an argument while waiting for our food I said I was just going to get some fresh air he followed me outside I told him I was tired and done with the fighting and turned my back to him. A big mistake a slap came from behind me around my left cheek my ear was ringing, and I was shocked. He struck me, but it hurt more because it hurt on the inside too and it made me think my aunt who was murdered by her boyfriend. She never thought he would hurt her. So, I went back to Colorado.

He soon came begging apologizing being so convincing that it would never happen again, but of course, it did. I started getting sicker too then I started making excuses. Well, he didn't mean to hit me that hard, or it wasn't that bad this time. He choked me out one day I had told him I was pregnant and he wasn't just hurting me anymore he said shut up you're a liar. I left and gave my daughter up for adoption. Still, somehow he convinced me it would be different, and it was at first.

He doesn't take disagreement well, so I found myself sitting on a curb crying because he body slammed me on the concrete. He picked me up apologizing, saying he didn't mean to do it. He took me home and nursed my injuries. And things were ok. I told myself just don't say this or don't talk about that. Until one day not long before our daughter would be two years old I found myself having to explain that I would never hurt a child, he had pulled me out of the house of a friend who was having a bbq by my hair. I wasn't sure if the girls had seen what happened. But they possibly heard him talking bad about me as I had left embarrassed from that. Sho, the girls, had told their mother it told them to shut up and stop singing. He called me before I got too far and said I had to come back and explain that I didn't say that to them (for fear of getting hurt by the mother next time I was around) wouldn't have happened. So that was the first time I told anyone he hit me or hurt me ever. I asked if the girls had seen him hit me or pick me up by my hair. Then the mother and grandmother of the girls went in on him dating they could see the fear I had of him as I spoke( I also knew there were consequences for my truthful statements) and admitted it was true.

A few days later same house around 1:00 a.m. I had just gotten off work and went to picked him up. Found out later he had another girlfriend who he had argued with before I got there. He was hostile and angry I asked what happened and if he was ok. His response was shut up and get in the car, so as I'm putting the key in the ignition, he's getting into the passenger side. He's messaging someone on Facebook. I saw he got madder, so I just swore he was not going to take it out on me. He turned and looked at me and said what took you so long to get here. I said it didn't I got here super fast. He answered "you're a dumb b!+€#" and punched me in the face a few times before jumping out of my car and pulling my key out of the ignition. Someone saw and heard and called the police. Law enforcement had a warrant or for his arrest.

Over the next two months, things got rapidly worse. I was bruised all over my legs and arms as he rarely hit me in my face. I had surgery to get sterilized through the removal of both fallopian tubes. I had surgery, and within two days he beat me so bad I ended up in the hospital. He fractured my face in a few places.

He still tries to explain he loves me; he will never hurt me again.... BUT THE REALITY IS HE WILL AND MORE THAN LIKELY HE WILL KILL ME.

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