by Farjana
(Arlington, VA, USA )

Here I'm going to share my tragic story. I married a US citizen and came to the USA. That marriage took place back home. After almost a year, I came to the USA. Then a few days later my husband and his family started misbehaving with me. Frequently, they will not let me use the restroom or have any food. It was winter time, and they took all of my clothes somewhere. So I didn't have anything to cover me for winter, and when they left for work, they turned off the heater. Outside was snowing and I was always sick by cold n fever. In the USA I was hungry day by day because I don't have money to buy food, no phone to contact with my family. My husband, his mom, and sister always scream on me. They didn't give me any bed to sleep. I slept on the floor without any sheet or blanket.

One day I went outside and cried. Then one woman who was from my community tried to help me. She gives me a job in her store and the store was next to our house. Also she gave me food too. Then I told her my story.

Anyhow my mother-in-law knows that, and they started more torture on me. They began talking to people, saying that I am not a girl, I am a boy. In my mind, the accusations destroyed me. I was hopeless how people blame like that. My husband, he only wants me when he needs recreation. It doesn't matter I want or not, or am I sick. One day my mother in law kick me then they said they would kill me and throw me somewhere if I told anyone. Day by day they were getting worse. I always depressed still now I'm depressed too. Then, I talk with my owner. She has a friend who is a lawyer. I talk with him, but my luck does not support this time too. That guy is my uncle in law. Then he gives them the idea that instead of torture, why not divorce. So they did an annulment. They said we never married. I am a boy. I did cheat.

Now my question is: this marriage was back home, and we do have a great physical relationship there. Then my husband brings me here so how is possible? I didn't know anything even no English too. Then they kick me out. I was depressed a lot, and now my condition is clinical depression. Now I file for i751 based on waiver I don't know this time I can get a judgment from the government or not. I cried for my right, and I am now crying for my right. I try to live a new life. I am a human being, and I get pain when someone hurt me. I have right to live, so can anyone help me.

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