Children and Domestic Violence

children and domestic violence

What to do when you find out about children and domestic violence in the same home ...

If you suspect that children and domestic violence are mixed together within a home, then the exposed child is being abused, if not physically, then emotionally. A child around domestic violence is living through the hell that is "domestic violence," and you have a responsibility to help. There are many types of domestic violence, but the most serious involve innocent children.

Step 1: Inform Authorities of Domestic Violence Involving Children

It is important to reach out to the authorities in the area and to inform them of any children and domestic violence that you suspect. Law enforcement and social workers are trained to handle the situations and will do what is necessary to protect the children. This may mean that they simply do an investigation and help the family get the help that they need to end the aggression. It may also mean that the child will be removed from the situation and will be placed in a safe, loving environment.

When a child is removed from their home they will finally be in a place that they can feel safe. They can receive the counseling that they need to help them understand why domestic violence is not something that they must endure.

Step 2: Seek Early Intervention

The earlier a child is removed from the situation or the situation is resolved in the home, the easier it will be to help the child become whole again. Children are our future and we have to protect and nurture them. It is possible to heal the internal and emotional scars that are left when domestic violence is part of a child's life, especially if caught early on. It may take a great deal of treatment but if the violence can be removed prior to them becoming adults, the process will be much easier to accomplish.

Step 3: Provide Long-term Support

Domestic violence is a very real problem in society. The scars that are inflicted on children due to domestic violence run deep and are very painful. It is extremely important that we, as adults, do all that we can to protect the innocent children that are being exposed to such horrific situations. We can reverse some of the long term negative effects on the children by giving them love and the help they need to move past the violence and on to a healthy, loving life.

Without love and intervention, studies show that the effect of children and domestic violence exposure is creation of future bullies and adults who become abusive partners.