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The Get DVH website is dedicated to providing domestic violence help to reduce abuse in relationships through education and resources for personal empowerment.

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Motivational Videos on Youtube 
Hello! My name is Amanda, and I make motivational videos on Youtube. I recently uploaded a video that touches on the topic of domestic violence, and I …

Loving My Abuser 
I was 16 when I started dating my husband. It's been 28 years, and nothing has changed so far except for the fact that every time he has different excuses …

An open letter to my abuser.  
Dear B, I loved you with everything I had. I'm just starting off with that. Despite it all, I loved you. But unfortunately, that is often not enough. …

Abuse in Its Highest Form 
I have been abused from the age of 2 by a cold, manipulative, narcissistic woman who gave birth to me. I feel you have to earn the title to be a mother. …

Why I never told... 
I never told because the first time he put his hands around my neck, I was in shock and afraid. Sure he had gotten in my face and screamed at me, but he …

Abusive Marriage "Adjustment" 
So I met this man through the family. We were family friends, and we knew only good things about each other's background. So we got married. It was more …

From Fairy Tale to Nightmare Part 2 
Read Part 1 of Fairy Tale to Nightmare He had started seeing a Psychiatrist in July 2015. I did not fully understand why at the time. I was starting …

Amanda's Story v2 
It's October 9th, and this day usually leaves me feeling very sad. In 2009 I was shot by my abuser. While I survived, I never felt so dead. I lost a part …

Amanda's Story 
I am 35 years old, and just up until recently I did not think I had a voice or that I did not matter. I thought my existence had no meaning. I grew up …

My boyfriend hit me everyday... 
So I dated a guy for two years or so. He was so mean to me. He hit me every day, most the time for literally no reason. I guess just for his amusement. …

A survivor That Stood Tall 
I was in a relationship with a 24-year old that I met on Tinder. At first, everything was great he was loving, caring, passionate, and considerate. One …

Gays Feel It Too 
The very first time I thought it was a game. I was 14 years old. I laughed a little, I thought it was to make me tough. I just started at my high …

Telling my story, to make sure that others don't have their own.  
I'm a mother of two beautiful girls, and now a happy, healthy 24 year old who enjoys everyday with my beautiful family. But that's not always how it was.. …

My story 
Three months ago, I left my abusive relationship of 7 years. I know that sharing my story will help in my recovery, and I need help. When we met, I …

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"But I Thought He Loved Me" 
Often a victim of domestic violence is unaware of how persuasive an abuser can be. The victim is taken by surprise when the person that they loved suddenly …

7 Steps of Healing from Domestic Violence 
Domestic violence is a heinous crime that leaves life-long effects on its victims. A crime that has its impact on both the physical and mental state of …

HIDING IN THE DARKNESS Five year old Tiarra slips into her “Princesses Elena” pajamas after soaking inside a bubble bath for nearly an hour and …

I have a purpose and want to live - Aftermath of depression and Domestic Violence  
Concerning the aftermath of depression and domestic violence, I know how powerful words can be and I hope that my words touch the lives of others. …

Take a Survey to Help Prevent Domestic Violence 
Because of your influence as a blogger and advocate for domestic violence issues, we would like to invite you to participate in our national study, Patterns …

THE FACTS ABOUT TAKING YOUR ABUSER TO COURT FOR JUSTICE! I have spent 18 months fighting through high court to bring my abuser to justice! Its not easy, …

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Volunteers and Writers

If you are a domestic violence volunteer, an advocate, a book author, or other professional, we would like to add your tips and ideas to help current victims of intimate partner abuse. Also, promote yourself on this website by telling about your services, charities or websites that are helpful to victims of violence or abuse. For useful services and information, a link may be included back to your website in the discretion of the host.

Domestic Violence Help Topics

Resources for Domestic Violence Help

Solutions to guide you take control of an abusive situation such as national, state and local hot lines, and shelters. One of our most popular pages is the domestic violence assessment test to help possible victims determine whether they should seek immediate help.

Domestic Abuse Cycle

Understand the cycle of partner abuse and how it worsens over time through a cycle of making up, calm, tension, and an explosive incident.

Alcohol Abuse

Information of the relationship of alcohol abuse to family violence and increased risk of maltreatment when alcohol is involved. Alcohol is a common contributor to domestic violence incidents.

Symptoms of Abuse

A guide to self-awareness, understanding the signs of being abused, and recognizing when a friend needs domestic violence help. Use the questions in this guide to determine if intervention is needed.

Abused Women

Reflection on the circumstances of women in abusive intimate relationships and unique needs for safely escaping.

Abused Men

Discussion of the harsh realities and how to overcome them for men who are abused by women.

Abused Same Sex Partners

Guidelines for recognizing abuse in gay and lesbian relationships and getting help. Unfortunately, intimate partner violence (IPV) is not limited to heterosexual partners.

Teen Dating Violence

Warning signs of dating violence and information to help keep teens safe and report abuse by other teen partners. Even young partners can get caught up in the domestic violence cycle.

Considerations for Children

Facts about the impact of domestic violence on children and how to cope with it. Children are heavily influenced by physical, emotional and verbal abuse that occurs in the home, and children who witness abuse often grow up to become perpetrators of violence themselves.

Legal Information

Legal strategies with information on getting domestic abuse help through use of protection orders, civil and criminal actions to be taken, divorce and custody.