A survivor That Stood Tall

by Sally
(Walnut Creek,CA,USA)

I was in a relationship with a 24-year old that I met on Tinder. At first, everything was great he was loving, caring, passionate, and considerate. One month passed, and I became very sick. I had kidney stones, and I wasn't eating, my stress level was up to the roof. I was seeing the doctor a lot. My ex-mate became very paranoid, aggressive, possessive, and controlling. He put a tracker on my phone, called me every few hours to see where I was at, made me block my family. We would argue day and night, and I said to myself he's going to change, I had hope.

Two months passed, he became very aggressive, he was not interested in me anymore, and he was looking at other women. One day, we argued about Starbucks. We reached the parking lot, and he locked his keys in his vehicle. He yelled at me blaming me for everything, called me every name in the book. We were living together at the time as well. We got to where we lived, and I went to the bedroom. He got on top of me, grabbed me by the throat and told me I was nothing but trash and scum and an ungrateful bitch, and he wanted to kill me. I said to myself; he's just mad because he has pressure from work and family, I let it go.

Finally, in August, I had my final straw. I found out I'm pregnant with his child and I was scared to tell him. I asked him to borrow his laptop, and first he was on edge then he gave me his laptop. When I opened his laptop, a dating profile of him came up, and a conversation with his ex-girlfriend came up. My heart sank, I thought to myself, why would he do this? Should I tell him I'm pregnant? Why is he pulling away? What did I do wrong?

I waited for him to come home. I asked him what was going on and he told me he made that dating profile to see what he can get. I told him to sleep in the next room. My friend calls me and asks me how I'm doing. He comes into the room and takes my phone. I asked for my phone back, and he grabs me by the throat and pushes me on the edge of the bed instantly causing back pain. He was yelling saying he's going to smash my phone and was running outside. I was crying with pain, and I asked him for my phone back. My heart stopped beating. I called 911, and they came and arrested him. Not only did his family stand by his side and told me I was in the wrong, but they also threatened to take away my baby boy away from me.

Today, I'm 12 weeks pregnant with a healthy unborn boy and living on my own. The authorities gave my ex-boyfriend a restraining order and charged him with his crimes. I would like to thank the police officers that came that night. You saved my life.

Showing the abuser, you are strong and can take care of yourself is the best thing you can do. Stand strong and fight against domestic violence.

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