by Danielle Hollingsworth
(Schererville, IN )

Dis-A-Rae is what happens when your two choices in life are to either stay in a toxic abusive relationship or be a single parent. If you decide to leave, then get ready for the fight of your life. You think it’s bad now? No, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Mind you, at this point, you are damaged and feeling unworthy of a better life. Not to mention the emotional and mental drain to you and the kids because they are also victims of domestic violence. After all, they lived and witnessed the majority of what you did. Even when you leave, the abuse won’t stop. Now he or she will try to tear you down as your trying to heal – for your every 10 steps forward, you will be pushed 20 steps back. You must stay strong; you have a goal - a new life for YOU AND YOUR KID(S).

Even then, threats will start to pour in again – removing yourself from this toxic relationship won’t stop those. These include the calls filled with threats to take away your children because you’re suddenly unfit. Or the suicidal/homicidal threats to themselves or your life. Learning to develop strong positive coping mechanisms and taking care of yourself is a must.

Find your inner safety friends, family or other positive people who are understanding and empathetic of the hell you’ve just escaped.

In 2008, I refused to live that anymore… I decided I had enough. Eventually, I discovered this amazing energy to fight and make my own way despite the many times I was told I would never make it on my own. I began to find myself once again and reclaim positive relationships while addressing those painful realities. I finally managed to lose the physical sickness and re-gain my self-esteem and confidence.

The name of my company is Dis-A-Rae’s Treats. Rae is my middle name and the Dis- refers to my newfound single mother’s life. The design was created by Thata State Art which is owned by my boys. I have fond memories of baking with my grandma Adele. An amazing cook and baker who spent days and nights cooking for the infamous Al Capone. In making these cookies, I found me again - that happy little girl, still learning new things about myself, enjoying life, loving like I’ve never loved before.

Life is tough but we can overcome anything with hope, hard work and determination. Believe in yourself, follow your dreams - a new life is waiting for you.

Because of my past experience, I am a proud supporter of shelters in my community that assist and inspire others.

Danielle Rae Hollingsworth

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Wonderful Story NEW
by: Anonymous

What an amazing story of courage for others being abused. Thank you for giving back to your community!

Thanks for sharing NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing your story . Just found this site and i must say i felt relief of gainig the courage to speak out .. I have 5 children who have been thru hell with me . Now we are rebuilding

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