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Fortunately, these days you can find a domestic violence article and research on about any detail of domestic violence because people are discovering the horrible impact of abusive relations on our societies. Improved knowledge and understanding is opening doors for solutions to and prevention of domestic partner abuse. 

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U.S. Domestic Violence Research really Gained Steam in 1994

Especially since Joe Biden authored the landmark Violence Against Women Act in 1994, which exposed high rates of domestic violence, numerous studies have been conducted to help understand and combat domestic violence.

Family violence and intimate partner abuse is also being combated on a worldwide scale, and studies like you find below help redefine the tools and ways that domestic violence in handled all the way down to the local level. This includes changes in law enforcement, the criminal justice system and shelters and social services for different types of victims, even teens.

Several different areas of research are being conducted in order to look at the dynamics that change because of prior exposure, age, substance use, culture or the type of relationship. 

Examples of areas of domestic violence research include:

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Research on stopping domestic violence

A domestic violence article list provides recent public domain research on stopping domestic violence for your study...

Studies cited in the domestic violence articles discuss the cost of domestic violence on society, solutions for preventing or intervening, and ways to help local communities. A core of the recent research in the United States has focused on local courts and law enforcement procedures and training. It is felt that victims, especially women, need to feel safe in reporting abuse and can only do so if the local reaction by law enforcement and the judiciary are effective. An ineffective judicial systems causes victims to feel helpless and trapped, and they will find no use in reporting abuse. In fact, when local communities are ineffective, victims may feel harmed by reporting abuse.

This dissenting opinion in a year 2000 U.S. Supreme Court case on a law passed by Congress regarding civil penalties for domestic violence is very interesting to read. In his opinion, Justice Souter cites many statistics and much research that demonstrates the great impact of domestic violence in America.

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