Early Warning Signs
of Domestic Violence

No one wants to experience the signs of domestic violence. We dream of having a happy relationship without worry of suffering. Whether you are married or have a significant other, there will always be trials, arguments, break-ups and tears. But, it is a different case when abuse is involved. Domestic abuse and violence are abnormal and should not be tolerated by anyone.

signs of domestic violence

Know the Early Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Abuse is the act of controlling and subjugating the partner using humiliation, fear, guilt, etc. which eventually exhausts his/her self-worth and optimism. This can be done in several different ways such as threatening, putting his/her confidence down, scolding, etc.

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This commonly happens to women. Although the victim does not display any physical injuries from all these things, she will gradually lose her sense of self and her personal worth. She will become powerless to see things rationally that she would sometimes think that everything is her own fault. The person will become so emotionally weak that she may refuse to let go of her abuser.

Warning Sign #1
Your Own Inner Feelings

No one deserves to be emotionally abused. Therefore, it is important to realize the situation and determine if you are a victim of this abuse by recognizing the symptoms of domestic abuse. Then, seek help and find ways to immediately get out of it.

The most efficient way of finding out is through one's inner feelings. An emotionally abused person lives with fear of her partner at all times and stays away from certain things or ideas to avoid causing him to be angry. She may feel incapable of doing anything right and believes that she deserves to be maltreated. She may consider herself mad and would be dead to her own feelings, too.

Warning Sign #2
Your Partner's Putting You Down

The partner's behavior can also say a lot whether or not the relationship is emotionally abusive. If she gets shouted at and constantly put down by his negative criticisms and ridicules, then she is being psychologically mistreated. This is definitely one of the signs of domestic violence coming into the relationship in the future. Other behaviors such us neglecting her opinions and achievements, always putting her to blame in all things and seeing her more like a sex toy than a person with feelings are all apparent warning signals of domestic abuse.

Warning Sign #3
Partner's Violent and Controlling Behavior

Other signs of emotional abuse are the partner's brutal actions and scheming threats. He usually has an unpredictable temper which can hurt or intimidate his partner. He may also use their children as the focus of his threats declaring that he would harm them if she leaves. He might use suicidal warnings and vandalisms or may engage in marital rape to scare her away. He may forbid her in doing the things she wants to do, too. All these things he does in order to state that he is more superior in the relationship and she should not dare go against him.

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Must Not Miss Signs of Domestic Abuse

Video - Early Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

Although without violence, emotional abuse remains to be a serious aggression even with just one of the above symptoms. If you think someone is getting abused based on these signs of domestic violence, you may choose to speak to the victim and encourage her to be strong. Make her feel that she has someone who cares for her but be careful not to add more pressure to her feelings. Also, be responsible enough to speak up and report the matter to the authorities to put a stop to this cruelty.

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