by koriko
(north west uk)


I have spent 18 months fighting through high court to bring my abuser to justice! Its not easy, but the difficulty is temporary. You will get through it! You will feel free whether you win or not! Not immediately, but believe me you will!

Hearing the words NOT GUILTY does not mean your attacker was not guilty! Always remember this. I say this for very good reasoning! My attacker was found not guilty for one of the two offences I took him to court for! He was convicted of domestic abuse and assault! But, he was found not guilty on charges of sexual offences against me, even with video evidence. He was my husband. But through all my fighting, I won something I never expected! MYSELF!

I taught myself to be tough, to fight back, to stand up for what was right. I showed him that I wasn't afraid anymore!

My attacker was charged again, and the offence was unbelievable! Through everything and the police collecting evidence, they confiscated his phone to examine. He turned out to be a sex offender! He was convicted of offences against children! I caught a pedophile without even knowing! He is now a registered sex offender.


  • Tell the police everything. You're building the picture of your abuser. It's ok to admit you were too scared to come forward earlier!
  • Abuse is abuse! whether it be physical, mental or sexual.
  • Dates & Time frames are crucial, but only state if they are 100% accurate. Remember you will be questioned on them.
  • Only state facts, everything you say will be used!
  • Use any evidence you have, the more backup the more credible witness
  • What ever you do! Do not exaggerate. Think very hard about what you remember!
  • Its ok to defend yourself. Do not lie if you fought back! Just be very clear in your reasoning.
  • Never be scared to try! There are people who will help!
  • You do not have to face your abuser. I was placed in a room on camera, so I never saw him.
  • DO NOT change any answer if you feel pressured. The opposition are there to make you feel uneasy. Always stand your ground! They are trained to do this.

I wont lie. I was told they wouldn't do this. They do. My hubby's barrister called me an attention seeker who was simply trying to ruin the reputation of a good honest man.

My response, "A good honest man who fought police whilst screaming blue murder in front of his children, a man who repeatedly abused his wife, there's nothing good nor honest about that man!" He didn't respond.

They want you to trip up. But stay strong, you have all the time in the world to answer! Its their job to win! It doesn't mean they genuinely believe you are a liar! They need you to prove your not.
  • If you don't know say so! most important don't estimate don't guess. If you don't know fact don't answer. Your repeating your statement!!
  • Do not answer a question you do not understand! Ask for it to be re-worded or repeated!
  • If they are telling you something you know to be a lie, say so immediately!
  • You are convincing a jury (If in High court) These are normal people with no education in law! You need to convince them on each fact that you are the one telling the truth!
  • Most IMPORTANTLY! you are stating what you said in your statement! You have done this before. You wrote it. You are retelling your story in a different order!

No matter how terrible it feels, it is temporary! You will be protected. You will get through it! Yes, you may feel like your world's collapsing, but it wont feel as bad as the abuse. It is empowering to finally have your say! to tell them your fighting for justice. Your standing up for your rights! No matter whether you win or lose, You will be free, you will be protected!

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