Amanda's Story v2

by Amanda
(Niagara Falls, NY)

It's October 9th, and this day usually leaves me feeling very sad. In 2009 I was shot by my abuser. While I survived, I never felt so dead. I lost a part of my soul that day. At his hands I was worthless, and my life had no meaning. I succumbed and became so lost myself so deeply that the only time that I felt love at that time was when he hurt me. I still don't know why God saved me. It was not until recently that I had another tragic event happen in my life. Someone raped me. For weeks I have been so angry. Recently I woke up after 35 years and now see that my life has a meaning. I matter to me today. One woman believed in me, and today I stand firm. I know it's my time to fight for you.

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