Living in Hell

by Stacey
(Lincoln, Ne)

I have been dealing with domestic violence for a very long time. I have been stabbed, raped, brutalized, peed on, jaw broken, and had my kids taken by private lawyers. I have a disability (ptsd) and have been epc'D on more than one occasion because my ex thinks it's funny. I have moved so many times I have lost count. I have failed community college twice because the pure thought of my children any bit of what I have endured makes me sickened to the depths of my core. I have been gang raped on more than one occasion. Had my brake lines cut at least 4 times. Had my car up on cynider blocks with my tires and rims taken off of my car. I have been drugged so bad and woken up on the sidewalk. Had a blow torch taken to my wheel tire stud bolts so my cat almost flew off of my car. I have been jumped quite a few times. I have reached out for help and been told by a judge that they didn't want to get involved. I had to defend myself at a trial only to be told that my witnesses were not allowed to testify even with a subpoena. I was also not allowed to present evidence. My address was changed (not by me) at the courthouse and no one bats an eye. I have had my medical records changed and altered. Hell, someone stole my Doctors laptop just to get my patient information. There is a lot more that has happened and is currently happening. I refuse to give up but wish and pray that someone would just take 5 minutes of there time to just check into my story. Please help my kids come back home and right my wrongs.

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