Abusive Relationship

by Lakea
(South Carolina)

This happened to me last year of 2014. I was dating this guy that seemed like Prince charming in the beginning. But after a while, I saw his true colors.

He started to become very controlling. I was not allowed to have guy friends or even go out with my friends without him there, and when I did, I would feel guilty. He started to become abusive behind close doors. When we argued he would push me against the wall and hit me. When he thought I was cheating, he would check the sign-in board in college and see if there was a guy in my room.

Eventually after a year and a half, I left the relationship, and I was blessed to get a better man, and he has changed my life. I am very lucky I got out when I did. I say all this to say if you're in a abusive relationship, leave NOW, not tomorrow, or next week. Leave today! You will feel free in the end.

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