B. E. was a Nightmare: My Escape

by T. S. S.
(Chickasha, Oklahoma)

T. S. -- today

T. S. -- today

B. E. began having sex with me at the age of 13. He was in his 20's at the time. Off and on I would break up with him, and he continued to pursue me until I was 18, then he convinced me he was okay.

After he moved in with me and my mother, I became pregnant. We moved in with his mother and sister, where I was beaten in front of my infant son until my eyes were black and blue. My eye was swollen shut. Because I was not hungry. Then we moved to Chickasha, Oklahoma. He kept me away from my family and kept me from attending my own mother's funeral. I went to work at McDonald's and supported him and my son. It was while working at McDonald's he forced me into prostitution. He collected the money while men used me for money. I was scared to not perform for his needs. He then forced me to work two jobs. He would party, workout, tan, and collect workout equipment. I secretly sought help and left. However, during this time he abused me with rape, forced prostitution, mental/physical cruelty, and I witnessed demented sex acts against my young son. When I left, I sought a protective order and was granted it-- following him holding a loaded semi-automatic to my face threatening to kill me. I have until 2019 for this order to expire. I turned him into DHS investigation and the Chickasha Police Department.

I live in fear everyday and suffer from PTSD, nightmares, and most of all-- seeing him roaming free. I was told my son shows no signs of abuse from an investigation. However, my son could not talk at that time. All his family was questioned and some demanded to not be included in the investigation. He then demanded child support and later dropped it after after I got the courage to seek help. I am trying to finalize an attorney to seek civil liability against him. I live alone and in a place that has good security. It took me years to find a way out. But-- I do not regret anything I had to do to get my life back. I have not spoken to his family even though they use to come to my jobs and bother me.

T. S.

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by: Brian


Apologies that I have removed names from your story. As a general policy our website removes the names of perpetrators and alleged perpetrators to avoid any potential for mistake or abuse. I felt is best because of the ongoing legal matters and to maintain a greater level confidentiality to remove the names from your post. I wish you the very best and thank you for sharing your story.


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