Battered Woman (Awareness)

by Martha A. Robinson
(Memphis, TN)

Battered Woman (Awareness)

Blacken is her character and her very being
She’s possessed and doesn’t realize her plight
All the wrong-doings are remembered no more
As a pregnant woman after birth, not recalling the pain
Doesn’t matter, as long as she can exist in his domain
She’s endured much and has given a lot to a scant
A battered person, she has joined the ranks
Emotionally, socially, financially and in spirit
She has settled, doesn’t even know-it
How far can she sink, her integrity and reputation
Drunkenness, fights, squalor and degradation
Family and friends stand on the sideline powerless
Despite what they say or do, she won’t discard him
Injected into her arms and snorted up her nose
She lives high on his woes…ambivalent
Battered Woman, it’s become her NORMAL

-Martha A. Robinson-

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Aug 07, 2014
Battered Woman Poem
by: Anonymous

An excellent example of domestic violence poems and poetry. Thank you for posting this moving poem about the life of a battered woman.

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