by Veronica
(Fresno Cal)

My name is Veronica. I wrote my story before. However, my abusive ex-fiance is now with someone else, and I'm afraid for I may be dumb, but I don't want him to hurt any one else. The man that was and still is very abusive is R. C. C., he is a twin to brother T. C.

R. C. was very abusive mentally, physically, emotionally and verbally I was petrified of him. We were together 5 years. The sweetness only lasted 2 weeks. It went from pushing, shoving, punching walls, punching me in the back of my head, checking my phone to taking it away, breaking over 20 cell phones, looking in my purse taking what ever money he wanted, going through my garbage, turning my cable off, calling my kids school and child protective services, sleeping right out side my window, and showing up out of nowhere places. I went dr spots pushing me into the street, yelling in restaurants stores, breaking any and all things he wanted, trying hard to get me pregnant, spelling my panties, sneaking in my house, watching me, and raping me.

I can go on and on, but I will never do that again. Now he is with a girl named A. H. I pray she isn't going through that. She looks so sweet and very gullible. It's sad. He walks around a free man, but what can you do when the law would rather protect the abuser.

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