Constant Verbal Abuse used at children up to adolescence age are Like Acid Rains. They Sterilise Dreams, Kill Courage,and Paralyse the Psyche.


(I know that you Americans do not particularly like Aliens or are afraid of them. But I can tell you if one came my way I would hop on that Space Ship and GO) Any place would be better than what I have now at least I would feel special.

Waters flow from acid rains--what fruits shall bear--
this year again--
Magnolias White and Roses Red-- or nettle stings--
to match their shade

The daisy chains I used to thread ---
to bind the dreams which lay ahead--
Colours so rich in disarray -----
sink deep inside my head to stay---

Garlands in my hair entwined-----
Perfume so sweet--- perfumes refined--
Touch my soul---but filter passed--
The taste of BITTER--LONGER-- lasts

Flower pods no longer green----
Withered brown---and looking lean---
This Flower field --no bloom shall yield---
Until the Rains Fall Sweet Again

Carmel Aust 1989

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