Deep Emotional, Mental, and Physical Abuse

by Teresa
(Fort Worth, Texas)

I was happy when I meet George. I fell in love. Our relationship was great until we got married. He became very controlling over my car, my money, made me change my phone number, and would not allow me to go outside. I had to hold my head down when we went anywhere. He would force sex when I was was not in the mood. He called me a bitch for no reason. He leaves, comes back, checks me, examines the phone. He made sure that I didn't go outside.

I got sick and went to the hospital. I had surgery, and I woke up to him choking me. He would mix up my medication so that I would sleep. And, he did what he wants to me. My stomach was open due to infection. He had to pack the wound clean and bandage me. I was burning because he needed to change the dressing. He pulls me up by my neck, and I freak out. I couldn't stop crying and shaking. He looked at me and said what is the problem is that a cry for help. Then he wanted me to relax and let him change my bandage. He was rough.

Once I recovered, I made plans to leave through a case manager. Well, she got mad at him and accidentally said I was leaving him. It was rough, and I played it off I didn't go anywhere or make calls. So once he leaves, I put my bag in my other car and was going to leave. He disabled the car and came back and made me promise not to leave. The next thing someone is at the door, the police. He said I stabbed him, and I went to jail. He took everything and harassed everyone who knew me and followed me. I didn't go back, but I still feel the effect of what he did, and it's has been three years. I'm still trying to get on my feet. I can't get an apartment due to my arrest record.

How do I put all that behind me?

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