Domestic Abuse- I hope for Inspiring Supportive Community, from K.

by k.

Looking for community as I continue to fight abuse. I don't know, this is maybe stage 3, or 4.

Stage 1

I was apparently poisoned, but didn't put it together until about three years ago. It started in 1996/1997. I am exhausted after 20 years. Even though divorced now, it continues through disability and Legal Abuse. These issues destroy your family, your Aunts, Uncles, Sisters, Cousins. Your Church. Your Social ability. Left abandoned, in poverty, after a Bachelors Degree, and Post Graduate work - scholarships. Good jobs. And, I spend my days working diligently to take responsibility for a situation that is not my responsibility. I work diligently to finally end the wrongful circumstances, to attempt to protect my daughter and my son, to work within a system that does not work in the Civil Court. Left without a Lawyer mostly now, it is an extreme burden that is probably unimaginable.

Not young anymore, but not really old yet.

People are so selfish and unable to respond in a compassionate way, even at church. I think much of the worst of it now is also the constant isolation. I am isolated because of taking care of all the bogus legal and system issues, and I am isolated because people don't want to befriend people. Further, I have no time or money to have a 'normal' life.

Looking for Inspiration

It would be nice to find inspiring messages or photos on a Facebook site - but I don't think one exists. I am too busy to make one for others. This area's support groups lack professionalism. Just unacceptable. There is more to abuse than the initial emergency to get away and out. We need to help rebuild lives, and rebuild victims socially as well, with acceptance and friendships. My neighbors know of my situation for instance, and I am left isolated anyway. If you share with some groups, you become victimized. The reason is because no one wants their convenient lives disrupted.

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Lets create the community we need
by: Ima Freegirl

I am looking for the same!
When I was finally able to exit my horror, I reached out for help but was ignored by shelters (too busy/full), ostracized by neighbors (what? do they think DV is contagious?), criticized by community (fear? maybe they suffer the same?), and absolutely re-victimized by the legal system. Life is very lonely, and very challenging for survivors. How do we come together? How can we work together to support one another, provide healing and encouragement, attain legal and financial tools to assist one another? I have ideas, but am at the beginning of my battle back to life. We need more than just words. Too many words out there, not enough action. We need action. I will take it soon - another month and I will have more information so I can move forward.
I lost my jobs, home, possessions, savings, friends, community. People say - just go get all that back. But - I should not have had those things taken in the first place. I worked so hard for it all, and lost it all. I understand your exhaustion. I feel it too. I know no other way than to put one foot in front of the other.
Email if you want to talk.
You stay strong; you are alive, and together we will thrive!!!

On line info-
by: K.-

Thank you, I will check it out. :-)

Domestic Violence Support
by: Jenn Sadai

Hi K,

I'm a thriving survivor who is always looking for new ways to help others escape and heal from similar situations. Please visit me at - you can message me privately or chat with other followers. I also participate in a weekly domestic violence chat group, Monday's at 9pm EST on Twitter. You can find me @AuthorJennSadai

Please know you are not alone.
Hugs, sincerely Jenn Sadai

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