Domestic Violence from Somali

by Aliyah Ahmed
(Cape town, South Africa)

Hi, I'm 26 years old with two kids. I have been in domestic violence since I got married. And still, I live in a foreign country with no refugee papers. I left home for a better life, but I entered into hell.

I thought I would be happy in love, but I was wrong. I thought I am going to begin a better life without war and violence, but I was wrong. I live every night crying for better change, but I lost hope with no education, no help from anyone.

I live my life for my kids. I have no way to run with no money and put up with an abusive husband who hits me very forcefully and causes severe bruises. I just live my life dreaming of a better life with my kids. I wish I could make a better choice but is too late. If I could run with my kids, where would I go? To a country with violence and war and with no money to survive. Every time I want to leave this life, I think of my two beautiful kids and pray to God for a better future and peace so one day this all can be a nightmare that has ended.

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