Domestic Violence Hotlines

Be not afraid to call domestic violence hotllines

Are You Too Afraid to Call?

If you are afraid of being caught calling one of the domestic violence hotlines, there are safe ways to do so.

  • Should you email the hotline, be sure to use an email account that the abuser will not have access to.
  • Also, delete all of the history in your browser to cover any related web browsing searches. 
  • Consider using "private" browsing or "incognito" mode on your browser. Use a modern internet browser such as an up to date version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. These all have a private browsing mode.
  • Try to make calls when the abuser is not home such as calling when he/she is at work or out of town. Memorize the phone number for the Hotline for safe keeping without leaving it written down where it might be recognized by your perpetrator.
  • If you are able to leave your home, try going to a nearby friend or family's house to make the call.
  • Do not make the call on your own home phone if it might show up on a phone bill. And, try to use a home phone that does not include a call history on the phone menu.
  • If you make a call on a cell phone, be sure to erase any call history that the abuser might be able to find.
  • Should there be a chance you can borrow another person's cell phone or a neighbor's land line phone, that is a good idea.
  • If you feel unsafe about leaving too far from home or even visiting a friend, go to a nearby church and see if they will let you borrow a phone there.

Domestic violence situations can be scary. Victims shouldn't have to feel like they are alone in any situation. Domestic violence hotlines, including the national domestic violence hotline, are always available to assist you and there are plenty of other agencies and organizations who are willing to help you too.

You should never have to worry about anybody telling someone that you called a hot-line. Everything always will remain confidential. Just remember, that there are plenty of others willing to help you, and with safe planning, there can be a way out.

If you are in need of help for domestic abuse, please call the National Hotline at 1-800-799-7233.

State and Local Domestic Violence Hotlines

If you prefer, you may call your local state's domestic violence hotline. A complete listing with website links is available at the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV).

Most communities that have a significant population of people have at least one local domestic violence shelter. These shelters also have 24/7 hotlines that are operated by local staff and trained volunteers. If you are not currently in an emergency situation but need help, please call your local shelter and request their advice and help. They can help you to organize and prepare yourself to leave your abusive partnership, and they will formulate a safety plan to ensure your well-being. 


In a domestic violence emergency, call 911. Law enforcement officials and 911 operators are trained experts in handling domestic violence calls and will send immediate help.

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