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Art - Domestic Violence Photos #1 Daquella-Lobo

Amores Que Matan by Daquella Lobo

License: CC by 3.0

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This photograph related to domestic abuse shows a wall painted to depict a woman in a housecoat holding a gun. Amore Que Matan translated from Spanish to English means "loves that kill." The symbolic meaning in this photo is immense -- the wall is falling apart like a disintegrating partnership between the stucco and the subsurface, and the paint is red symbolizing the potential for harm. Just as domestic violence causes relationships to crumble, the partnership between paint and stucco is crumbling.

In the context of domestic violence help, "loves that kill" refers to the insidious nature of domestic violence because partners often remain silent for a long period of time until sometimes tragedy and death can occur in a violent episode. This is the cycle of domestic violence, as can be shown artistically in domestic violence pictures like this one. Once the stucco starts to crumble, like a relationship, the cycle is difficult or impossible to stop. 

Usually, the only way the domestic violence cycle can be broken is with help. If you think you might become the lady in the housecoat, then use the domestic violence help resources to determine the best way for you to break the cycle with your partner. Don't let your life crumble to the point of complete destruction. No matter how much love in involved, without intervention, domestic violence can eventually become a deadly disease inflicting a family and causing loss of life.

In reality, life is lost for all of those enduring domestic violence, as the mental and emotional harm inflicted by a violent partner is devastating. The woman in this picture might show the anguish that a victim can go through and the great lengths that a female victim might go to the escape when she fails to call for help and takes matters into her own hands. The red color of the picture is indicative of the tragedy and bloodshed that can ensue.

This crumbling wall can be patched with proper repair by adding new stucco and having a new coat of paint applied. Similarly, a person struggling with domestic abuse can get help. Life can be renewed by seeking shelter and receiving counseling and assistance to put a new coat of paint on life and get a fresh start.

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