Domestic Violence, Self-serving District Attorneys, and Gun Control

by James

I will try to keep this short because going into every aspect would require a short book.

I got into an argument with an ex-girlfriend. My girlfriend ended up kicking me; I ended up pulling my ex-girlfriend off a chair and telling her to leave my house. Instead of leaving my house she chose to go into the bedroom and grab her pistol (She was active Military at the time). I ran in and tried taking the gun from her while she tried to get it out of the holster. She would not let go despite me screaming and fighting her for it, and I ended up hitting her. She released the gun, and I immediately ran out of the room and called the police.

The police arrived, and guess who got arrested?

She ended up with a broken finger from the scuffle, and the police charged me with 1st Degree assault with a deadly weapon, 2nd-degree assault with a deadly weapon, and felony menacing with a deadly weapon.

This girl has borderline personality disorder, and I could not describe the list of horrible things about her in this post. Just to add a small bit of perspective though – She prostituted herself. She encouraged her friend who had a 2-year-old daughter also to prostitute herself because “She owed her gas money." She threatened to kill my dog if I broke up with her because “You love that dog more than anything and it would be the best way to hurt you." She cut herself and threatened to commit suicide if I left her. This incident occurred a week before me moving to Virginia without her because of a job opportunity I had. She was in the military and could not leave the state, and did not want me to go. She said I was “Writing her off.” She pretended to be pregnant so that I would not leave, which is what initially started this final fight.

I tried kicking her out of my house numerous times before this incident, but the law does not allow someone to kick someone out without more notice, which she was more than happy to point out every time I tried.

While I was in jail over the weekend, she and her military buddies robbed my house. They took my Dogs, my computer, jewelry, wallet, truck keys, and everything else of importance.

The district attorney painted to me to be a violent crazy person despite being 28 years old with no criminal record, and letters from my three last ex-girlfriends stating that I was a good man, and have never harmed or threatened to harm them.

My ex girl friend who was now the "Victim" of this case lied to the police and district attorney about what had happened to avoid going to jail, but when she realized that the case was likely to go to trial she met with the district attorney, and my lawyers investigator and admitted that she lied about what took place that night. She also read a letter in the court room explaining to the judge that she was on drugs and was currently seeking help for PTSD from her deployments, and for her problems with narcotics. She apologized in court for lying to the police and threw the district attorney under the bus for lying on his reports about what she had revealed to him regarding the case. He refused to use the word military, and tried to make her out to be some helpless little flower, and made me appear to be the son of Satan. He left her admissions of guilt out of his reports, and added things that would be hurtful to me that she never even said.

He refused to drop the case and pulled the "She's just protecting her abuser" card that some feminist victim advocates recommend they use to try cases of this type. I did not have 30 grand to pay for a trial lawyer and ended up pleading guilty to a crime I did not commit. Due to the overwhelming evidence of my innocence, the DA still refused to drop the charges.

Why is that?

Bill Clinton was trying to take away peoples fire arms. When he wasn't getting where he wanted to, he passed a law banning anyone convicted of domestic violence from ever owning a gun again, no matter how petty the offense.

He then made it mandatory for the police to arrest if domestic violence was suspected, and made it extremely difficult for a DA to drop the case, no matter how stupid or insignificant it was.

The definition of domestic violence was then changed to make it so that every person on the planet was guilty of domestic violence.

Walk in on your girlfriend cheating on you and call her a name?
You are guilty of domestic violence.

Your girlfriend says something silly, and you laugh at or belittle her?
You are guilty of domestic violence.

Your wife asks you for $100 bucks, and you say no?
You are guilty of domestic violence.

You get into an argument with your wife and choose to ignore her instead of fighting.
You are guilty of domestic violence.

You choose not to ignore her and participate in the argument.
You are guilty of domestic violence.

My DV counselor told me that he had a girl in his group. She and her BF broke up, and his cell phone was in her name. She eventually got tired of paying his bill, so she shut the phone off. He reported it, the court convicted her of domestic violence, and she lost her 2nd amendment rights.

I am not exaggerating, and it is not a joke. These are just a few examples of what, under the new definition, is considered Domestic Violence.

This law was never about protecting women, and domestic violence. It was about gun control. The government gave a loud speaker to DV advocates, not because they gave a fuck, but because it helped them meet that end.

Sadly, politicians are either incredibly ignorant to this or refuse to touch it because anything with the words "Domestic Violence" attached to it is extremely controversial and will most likely lead to the left accusing them of supporting woman abusers.

There are thousands and thousands of people walking around with criminal records because that was the only way The Clinton's thought they could disarm the public without it turning into a huge debate. These policies have destroyed People's lives, and I am still waiting for the day I can hear a politician even address the issue.

A domestic violence charge is there for life. You cannot have it expunged (In Colorado anyway), and anyone that looks at your record automatically thinks you are some crazy woman beater.

I tried getting a job cleaning up sewage in peoples basements after a flood, and could not get one because "I am a woman beater."

I opened a business and tried getting advertisement. The ad company would not post my business on its site because "I am a woman beater."

I had been hunting since I was seven years old with my father. He got me a 410 shotgun for my birthday, and it was the highlight of my year being able to hunt with him. I can no longer do that.
I have owned a gun since my early life, and never had that gun been implicated in any crime, or had it been used irresponsibly. I lost my rights because someone else chose to use theirs irresponsibly, and I opted to defend myself instead of being killed. I cannot take my children hunting, and will not be able to hunt with my grandchildren. The government has stolen something important from me, and I see no path in the future to have it returned.

My father is from Greece, and in Greece, they consider you a citizen for life. Because of my dad, I would be eligible for a Greek dual citizenship..... Not with a criminal record though. Half my family lives in Canada, and I would like to visit them. Can't with a criminal record though. I am stuck in a country that has treated me like dirt, and violated my rights. They did this to me because of their personal opinions on guns. Me and 1000's of people like myself have been criminalized because of someone else's agenda, and something needs to change. I love my country and the people in it. Why are people allowing the government to destroy us for political gain?

My business is doing well, and I will have an abundance of money eventually. When that time comes, I intend on spending a lot of it on raising awareness and bringing attention to this issue.

Even if you are not Pro-gun, you cannot justify the injustice cast upon us. Left, right, Democrat, Republican - At the end of the day we are all Americans. An injustice against a few is a crime against us all.

This story is mine, and I will do whatever is in my power to change things in the future. I only hope that the people with the means to make real changes occur do not shy away from these issues due to fear of political repercussions, and stand strong for what is right.

I encourage anyone who has been in a similar situation not to lose hope, and to have your voice heard. The more people that are aware of what goes on in our government, the more power we have to change things.

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