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The Internet offers resources for finding a domestic violence shelter in your local area. However, it's a good idea to research all of the options you're interested in using. You want a place that is going to attend to your personality and needs and offer all the necessities to get your life back. Once you have identified your best option, take action. 

Most  domestic violence shelters have hotlines available that will help you get started. Even if your research is for someone else, you can make the initial call. The problem is, you, your friend, or family member must be willing to accept the challenge at hand and recognize the fact that it's not right to let the abuse continue.

It's essential that you're discreet about your research. If you're still living with an abuser, then delete your history files from the computer. The less they know, the better, especially if you genuinely want to break away from the agony.

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