Domestic violence story from marie

I was in a relationship on and off with an abuser for 13 years. We have two children together. In 2011 I attended a work recognition dinner. My children were spending the night at their grandmother's house. My older child's B-Day was the next day. I came home from the party that night and right away noticed my ex was drunk. I had told him many times he wasn't allowed in my house if had been drinking. Instead of starting a fight, I just ignored him. I decided to sleep on the couch. I texted my mother who had made a cake for my son to arrange when she would be dropping it off. It was close to 12, and since I was going to bed, I wanted my child to wake up to a text from me since I would be with him to say happy B-Day first thing. I layed down on the couch and closed my eyes. Just as I did I heard running at me. Before I could open my eyes, I felt punches, or so I thought were punches on the back of my neck. I jumped up right away, and he had one hand grabbing my hair at the top of my head and the other just punching me. I began screaming for my neighbor to come help me. He laughed, and said no one can help you now. I tried to pry his hand off my hair but couldn't, and then he said I'm finally stabbing you. All at once I realized he hadn't been punching me. He had been stabbing me. I begged and begged for him to stop. I somehow ended up on the floor, and he was now over me stabbing me. At one point the butcher knife went into my side. It hurt so bad that I grabbed the blade to try and stop him. He just laughed and said nice try, ripping the knife from my hand and slicing through the space between my thumb and forefinger. I continued to beg him to stop and tried to fight him off, and then he turned my head to expose my neck and said let's get your neck in the most scary crazy voice I ever heard and stabbed me in the neck. He then let go of my hair and left the room. I didn't know why he stopped or where he went. I just put pressure on the neck wound and went out the front door. As I started down the stairs, my second floor neighbor opened the door. I was still saying "please stop please stop." My neighbor said "OMG what happened." I said "he stabbed me." He, my neighbor, picked me up and brought me in the house. I later found out the reason my ex stopped was because the knife had bent. He was going to get another one. I also later found out that I had been stabbed and slashed 22 times. I was lucky no internal organs were hit. A lot of my wounds were defensive, and I had lost a lot of blood, but I made it.

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my hell con'd
by: Anonymous

just waiting for when he stabs me-already been choked too-just another bonus added to my long comment on another story here.i am a zombie lately-nothing can ever turn me back to "god"

Yes i am away
by: Anonymous

Yes I am away ..he is jail..but he won't be there forever and this petrifies me bit I try not to dwell on. It started as small things and yelling and threatening later hitting slitting and strangling.
Although I always knew he wouldn't hesitate to hurt me I never in a million years thought he would take it that far and try to kill me. Nobody ever thinks it can happen to them until it does. I hope you can form a plan and get away from your abuser safely.

how long by anonamous
by: rainonme incalifornia

hi, i would like to know also the questions asked by how long by anonamous. thank you for telling me you smiled when you read my post.

i hope you have lots to smile about every day now.......

How long?
by: Anonymous

Are you awat from this man?

How long did it take for things to esculate to this point?

I'm asking, because right now mine are just punches, pushing, spitting, threatening. I'm wondering if he will go to this extreme.

I pray you are okay now. Did you heal physically and emotionally? Or are you at least headed that way?

Prayers for you

Thank u
by: Anonymous

Thank u so much for your kind words..this is the first time I have put what happened to me in words for people to read I wasn't really sure what to expect. Thank u again u brought a smile to my face

the healing
by: rainonme incalifornia

how do you heal from this. not only those wounds, but also your soul.
there are others here that know your pains. good of you to be here.
maybe to connect with. even if we cant find the words for you because really there arent any.
but know that many are reading what you wrote and are crying for themselves and now for you too.
ive said it before and i have to say it again for you.....
karma on that man. you and all the women here are light and love and energy.
only blessings, goodness, hope that your now is always calm and fulfilled.
its hard to trust that angels are real and god is real. when something happens to you like what has happened to you and others here.
we question if i have a spirit guide and protecting angels and god is in me then why did this happen to me. why werent they there in my desperate time of need. where is my support
well it makes me feel like you and all the others
here were like jesus, in that you suffered so terribly.
went thru it, now you are like reborn from the tragedy. the new you is here releasing to us a glimpse of your horror, maybe it can help others.
a nail biter of a best selling book/movie.
i plan on writing my life too.
things people just wont believe but are so true.
i know you can never fully heal from this. i call you a miracle child now, no matter your age.
i do believe in the good forces. i think that at the time of need his forces were just to dark and overpowered you. but you lived and made it out of there. that was the life force of god and the angels and your guides, they kept you alive.
blessed be you loving warm hearted soul. may love
and happiness always be yours.i hope you can trust love again. you deserve it.

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