Domestic violence story from me

by Louisa barre
(Amsterdam, holland )

When I was young, I was badly abused by my own father. He used to call me horrible names every single day. He used to drink so much, probably like 4 bottles a day. He broke my heart as a child. I am totally numb now, totally sedated.

I am working on that now. The pain is unimaginably big, I feel depressed and sad, and I have trouble sometimes connecting to people. I wish things were differently for me when I grew up. I feel suicidal sometimes, but I shall not give up.

It has hurt me so much, the pain is unbearable.

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you are a light of energy and love
by: rainonme incalifornia

Thank you for telling your story. I too grew up with a alcoholic father.

He beat my mom down so bad. While she lay strangled on the floor beaten many times, she would curse him to die. Some yrs. later after they separated, my father was murdered in a bar in San Diego, robbed in the parking lot of his two grand he just earned.

He was also scalped. He was a proud Indian.


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