by Ailen M. S-Hidalgo
(Denver, Co USA)

Domestic violence can be described as sexual abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, and emotional abuse. Domestic abuse does not pick and choose its victims; it can happen to anyone. For that reason it is important to encourage victims to speak up. We need to let victims know that although it seems scary to leave, to report their abuser, and to face the consequences there-of, it is the best choice they can make for themselves and even the abuser. The best way to fight against domestic abuse is by punishing the perpetrator more severely, aiding the victim (with therapies, protective orders, and so on), and encouraging law enforcement to be more available to the victim. No one has to be a victim to domestic abuse. Together, we can all help to combat domestic abuse. Support, encouragement, love, patience, courage, and persistence is all we need.

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