Domestic Violence

by Thamyris Schultz
(Easton, Pennsylvania, UnitedStates)

I live in Easton Pennsylvania, and I have a daughter who is from another relationship. She is three years old. The man I married tortured me. He isolated me by turning off my cell phone service and changing my internet password so that I would not watch TV and I would not talk to anyone on my cell phone. He would yell at me aggressively, shake my arms and kick me. He hit me in the face with an elbow, and I had to jump from the car, so he would not beat me more. He does not provide any vehicle for me to leave home. I call the police to him and he pretends to calm down in front of the police and the people and then yell aggressively at me. He uses immigration to threaten me and to force me to sign documents. He wants me to sign or forces me to do what he wants me to do. I'm Brazilian, and I need someone who has a big heart to help my daughter and me.

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