Downlow gay wrestler abuses boyfriended

I was in a relationship with a wrestler who was undercover. He did not want people to know he was gay. We would always meet at my house, and when I would go to his shows he would hide from me. Yes hide. Act like he did not know who I was, but could have sex with me

His name is redacted. We all stay in Michigan. His dad's name is redacted, and they run a wrestling company in Detroit. He has a daughter as well.

Well one time he hit me in my room. When I was talking to him and called him downlow. He hit me in my face and chocked me.

Redacted is his stage name. He has this horrible obsessed baby mother. Lord she knows he is gay and read me and his messages. She would make fake pages and message me. She would wish death on me. Your the one who decided to have a baby with a man you barely knew and taking your anger out on me cause he is having sex with me. First of all this baby mother was so noisy she used his finger to unlock his iphone while he was asleep I mean come on now!

Well my ex boyfriend got outed by his former lover. After he got outed on Facebook, my ex would threaten me. He then would get a cover up girlfriend name Libby.

Libby knows he is gay. My ex is best friend with Libby's sister Jenna. I tried to warn Jenna he is gay. What she do? She just told him after seeing all the evidence still believed him ONCE YOUR DUMB ALWAYS DUMB I GUESS.

It ended because I dated him for six months and I was in the dark. He dated Libby 4 months after me and was showing her off. So I told everyone how he is gay and undercover.

He would verbally abuse me call me a faggot. Tell me I am gay fag need kill myself. All out of anger when we would argue. Which is self hate just because I am gay and proud does not mean you have take your self hate on me.

Well after I outed him, him and his dad jumped me and beat me up. They pulled me out of my car while was driving and beat my ass! My Ex is a gay closeted man who uses women as a cover up. And treats men who actually care about him like shit.

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