Emotional Abuse Poem

by Jess
(Chisago, MN)

Go ahead and hit me for not listening to what you said
Go ahead and cut me down until I am dead
I will never be your perfect child
As you put it so mild
Call me names yes
Put my heart and soul to the test
Everything is numb now
I don't feel any more pain now
I took the knife from the drawer
And I'm watching my blood drip on the floor
My body tingles and feels warm
I wonder if I died would you even mourn
You wouldn't truly feel
Because you are a narcissistic all you do you steal
Steal peoples emotions
That's your wonderful potion
I will always love you to mom
But I will no longer be a pawn
I'm starting to get dizzy mom and seeing white
I thought my future would be so bright
As I slip into and out of consciousness
I can feel your grasp on my life depress
Please let everyone know I love them
And I hope one day their hearts will mend
Because the old me is gone
All that stands there is stone

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