ex. Domestic Violence Story from Tina

by Tina
(Rochdale )

I was the recipient of physical and psychological abuse for most of an 18-year relationship. I conceived five children in the duration. I 'put up' with this treatment as I was made to believe I deserved nothing better. I struggled through his abuse, an impossible situation. Meanwhile, I kept my children's welfare at the forefront of my mind. My parents were very supportive, although they never knew the extreme circumstances within which I lived(although they had their suspicions)
I lived in significant fear of this man. My children also were afraid of him.
He left me to live with a friend of mine when I refused to sleep with him.

If I had known, it had been easy to get rid of him.

Ten years on, my two eldest children think he's the best parent ever. He is so attentive and throws money at every situation - which of course they lap up. We also have a Grandson, whom he gives his undivided attention (which I cannot match), as I work every single day, to make ends meet, still supporting four children living at home.

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