Fabrications in Court Three Felony Counts again with no police reports or evidence

(Santa Barbara, CA)

Good Afternoon,

First and foremost thank you for setting up an organization which caters to men being abused. I am a commercial real estate professional and have
no violent history whatsoever. My ex is a thrice divorced (we were not married) extremely entitled woman who has lived in the most expensive zip codes in the country her entire life but not had a job. She is extremely charming and engaging, but from abuse by her father has made a life out of manipulating men for her lifestyle and basically just working through them. None of this would be something of note, excepting what she is now doing to me.

We had an up and down relationship for nine years, and our last major falling out in April 2012. Following this, she attempted to extort money from me once more as she had done many times, and I did not agree. She filed a protective order based on no evidence, I did make the mistake of sending her emails, not threatening, which is what brought about this case. She also violated the order by coming to my home and emailing me as well, but as I have learned even if the person says she is afraid of you, gets the order she can break it though the Judge specifically told her not to come near me.

Anyway, attached is a precise timeline of what has transpired. She has me charged with three felonies of stalking while she was still sleeping with me (no witnesses and no police reports) and twenty misdemeanors. I am a registered civil engineer and have a good job, and have had to spend $50k on this so far to defend fraudulent accusations. This on top of $200k she took me for during our relationship. I am out on $100k bond as well, have had a GPS device on my leg for six months at $600 / month, cannot travel for work and the DA is denying me the ability to go to AZ to meet with members of Congress on Monday. I know DV laws are designed to protect those with legitimate fear, which none exists here nor was ever previously reported.

She has charmed, manipulated and put me through hell. The DA does realize that she has been used, but will not let up. So, it seems that an outreach / political move is my only option. Last settlement conference is August 1, trial scheduled for August 22. This woman has cost me dearly so many times, jobs, money etc. not all her fault of course but if you take the time to read the timeline it is uncanny, and she is doing it again. I am asking for an outreach to expose this DA for abusing her power for a personal vendetta.

Please let me know if this case study could be placed somewhere on a blog so I can let her know it is published, this would help a lot and any other ideas you might have. This is pure hell to go through.

Thank you.

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Fabricated Trumped up Charges
by: Anonymous

Sir I feel that you do need help in recognising the reasons why you keep on getting burned by this female in your life, so as not to fall into the same predicament over again with some other female.

Whilst going through U Tube & reading and watching as much as possible ,on Domestic violence against women. I came across very angry comments made by a male person towards the women making the, seminars and addressing women with the DV problems. I could actually feel him jumping up and down with utter hatred because he felt there was a grand conspiracy against all men in similar situations by, feminists in high places. That women were better looked up by policies.

He mentioned a Erin Prizzy with a 'z' who founded the first womens' refuge in UK and now was trying to have DV against men also accepted just as serious as is for women.

I looked Erin Pizzy up and found it very interesting. As it shows and informs why certain personalities keep getting caught or attracted to the wrong partners. I feel that it may help you to read up on her findings. She has questions and answers and a radio program.
Hope things are looking up for you.
Perhaps that Lady DA you were having trouble with may be one of those "feminist fiends" which could mean she could be prejudiced.

Real Estate Agent VS Man eating Woman
by: Anonymous


Real Estate Agent VS Man eating Woman


A: Because God created MAN with two heads not one. And he insists on using both at the same time. Two heads are not better than one. Man should use only the one on top of his shoulders for making important decisions. Was she so good that you could not see what was happening. Men always go after looks first and all the flirty superficialities. Because men like to be flattered by dangerous women.

So you'v been burned. Will you have learned your lesson once you get out of this MMmm!

You have spent so much money. Could you not have hired a PI to investigate her background her personal character. Can you not find some excellent character references for yourself? What about your solicitor. I don't know abut this site I do not see many people here. But then I am not computer savvy. You need someone to speak for you as I said a private investigator what about one of those TV people that expose cheating on their partners. yours may make a good story.

And remember be a bit more cynical about love, there is very little of it around.

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