Freedom From Abuse for me and my daughter

by Sandra
(Livonia, MI USA)

***EMERGENCY***PLEASE HELP OR SHARE: I am in desperate need of help in getting an attorney for a divorce. I have a court case scheduled for 4/9/15 and do not have the funds for a lawyer as I am on Social Security Disability.

My husband of over 25 years became extremely abusive in every way, shape, and form towards my daughter and me. It got so bad that he ended up going after our daughter with an axe. Therefore, I am dealing with a divorce and a criminal case all at once. He decided to have an affair with our 25 yr old daughter's best friend which caused a ton of tension between the two of them as he made her keep it a secret for several months.

I am at a loss at this point as to what to do so a few of my friends set the following gofundme site up.This so-called man is a full blown Narcissist! Please take a look and prayers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. - Go Fund Me

*NOTE* Court had been changed to 4/20.

Thank you!

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