Get out at any sign of abuse

by Amber
(Chicago, IL, US)

I'd like to start by telling anyone male or female if you have encountered any type of abuse please go far away from it as you possibly can. I am a survivor of domestic violence, it is still difficult today to overcome this abuse. I was married to the man whom I thought was the love of my life. I moved to another state with him where I didn't know anyone. Everything was good for the first few months there. Then I started to be verbally abused daily.

I thought I was being a good wife by sticking by my husband thinking he was just having a hard time adjusting to a new life. After months of verbal abuse I found out I was pregnant with what was to be my first child during this time that was supposed to be my happiest moments turned to nightmares.

He began drinking heavily and would destroy our whole house in a rage. He would lock me out of the house for days at a time. He tried to run me over with his car numerous times. After months and months of abuse, I decided I had enough and planned to leave. He beat me, kicking me repeatedly in my stomach and face, luckily enough the neighbors heard my screams and came to my rescue.

Then just 20 years old I called my mom back home and told her I needed to come home; I was in danger. I then went home. Two weeks later he showed up at my mom's house, and she told him to leave. He then forced his way into the house where my mother, brother and uncle were at. I was in the basement at the time and I heard the first gunshot then another and another and another. A total of 8. I ran upstairs to find my brother and uncle laying there fighting for their lives and an open front door he had fled. My mother died from a bullet in her head. My brother who was shot in his stomach, hand and shoulder told me who did this to him. My uncle was shot in the neck, the legs and the back. They both survived by the grace of God.

I blamed myself for so long. Still today it is a struggle. I lost my best friend, my mom. She died so I can live. My brother and I were so close before everything happened, today we don't even speak and haven't in 4 years. I lost my whole family in one minute. This is the first time I've shared my story, and I feel like if there is anyone who reads this that can relate, please seek help. Wherever you are, please get away from them. Make people aware of your situation please be strong so people can help you don't keep it to yourself. I know it's hard and scary but be strong be brave and remember you are never alone. Go to church go to the police make your neighbors aware your family your friends someone it can be the difference between life and death.

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