Having Been Slapped with a Gag Order

by Klacey J. Smith
(Raleigh, NC USA)

Klacey J. Smith, R.N., Author

Klacey J. Smith, R.N., Author

Even though I have been slapped with a Gag Order, where I have been illegally threatened that if I tell anything of the thirteen years of corruption against my youngest son and I, I will be put in jail, I am beginning to do just that. My son and I have been victims, for the last thirteen years, of the most heinous judicial and Child Protective Services crimes that you could never imagine causing my son, then 3 1/2 years old, to be placed in the sole custody of his drug addicted, abusive, and alcoholic father. I was and am a registered nurse where they had nothing on me but there false and twisted allegations without supporting evidence. Now, I am going to school to be a Journalist, and I have started writing my story from day one of my life, and which will eventually lead into the domestic violence my family was the recipients of at the hands of husband #2, KRR.

If you would like to begin to read my story, which includes, but is not limited to, mystical events, survival of attempted murder, courage, a fight for what is right, drama, passion, romance, and much more, simply go to the books section of my website above, and there you can buy now all the unedited parts of where my story begins.

For those of you going through this pure hell, all I can say is, create a plan, get support where you can, and run the hell away taking your children with you to safety until such time as they are of age.

If I had followed that advice as given to me by our very first attorney, my family and I, while trying to do the right thing, wouldn't have had to go through the hell that we did.

So hurry on over to the website and buy your copies of our amazing story now, it's truly informative and entertaining.


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Gagged ???
by: Carmel . Australia !!!!!

So you are using this page to SELL your story.
OF violence, murder, corruption and murder ENTWINED with ENTERTAINMENT???

Why do you not just give the story out and help all those who cannot afford to buy, a little hope and inspiration.

Is this book a self help book. How much does it cost?

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