He tried to kill me.

by natasha
(Manchester )

I had just turned 22 at the time. I just got a house. I decided to hire a decorator, as work took up all my time, but little did I know decorating my house would nearly cost me my life.

A few months passed, and I fell in love with my decorator. He was handsome and charming, but he was due to become a devil. Our first argument was over a comment he made. He then went on to slap me. Hours passed. He apologised and said he was angry, it was my fault, he's sorry, and it wouldn't happen again. But, that was just the start of the worst 5 years of my life. I forgave him.

A few weeks later the second argument occurred. He had been cheating. I found out and wanted to break the cycle and leave and for that reason he tortured me. He sliced my tenden in my foot so I could bleed to death. He ripped out my hair, poured shower gel in my eyes, poured beer over my head, threw me in the bath, stripped me naked (I was on my monthly cycle) and made me sit on floor boards. He continued torturing me for hours. He used a chubby axe and a machete to torture me. He finally calmed down, and, as I was about to leave, he said he loved me for the first time. He knew what he was doing. He was manipulating me to stay. It worked and I stayed.

A month later he took me to the cinemas we went to watch Battleship. I was so excited me and my devil were going out. We got on the cinemas, and he received a text message saying 5 years ago I told you I loved you for the first time. In my heart, I knew it was about to kick off. He got agitated and said he didn't wish to watch the film no longer. I agreed so we left. As we got outside he kicked me. I said please, no don't, why are you doing this? His words were why the duck did you look at my phone. I told him I couldn't help it it was dark and your phone was bright. He kicked me again. This time I fell. I tried to run, but he chased me and kicked me again. Problem was, this time I was in front of a car. I was rushed to hospital he left me laying in the road for dead as he ran away. They called me a miracle: 78mph, no broken bones, just a laceration to my head and concussion. How lucky was I.

Things continued. I tried to kill myself 3 times, hit depression, lost my house, my job, but I could never lose him, which made me a lot worse. I found out I was pregnant, and he beat me saying if you are pregnant that baby's already dead. I miscarried. After that there were hits in between, punch here, slap there. Strangled, I was deprived of sleep. He controlled me, but I had no soul left. Then the one day I went to see him and walked in on him and another woman. He sexually assaulted me, beat me, pulled a knife out on me, all in front of her. She was shaken up, so I helped her escape, and I took the rest of the beatings. He raped me, and I took it all for her. That was the last time he hit me as I found out I was pregnant and found the strength to leave him. I had too protect my child. He gave me a baby, and our baby gave me life, air, reason. My baby saved me.

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That is my husband, i was certain that we were meant to be... We were so perfect
by: Anonymous

HHow could someone I've been with for 5 years, some one that has always been there for me and has always understood me, how could he try to kill me while I'm pregnant with his child. My husband and I have always been inseparable that was the love of my life our unborn child means so much to me, this baby is my dream child with my husband the man who has my heart. I just can't wrap my mind around how he actually tried to kill me, and now he's calling from the jail phone trying to apologize for it. What happened to my husband, the love of my life ): this is such a loss and I have no choice but to put our children first.

I love you and I always will

thank you
by: natasha

I am natasha I wrote this blog about my past a few years ago. my baby is now 3 years old bright and beautiful I got a life time injunction put on my ex. he has never met my baby but I am working again. I have bought my first house and I have met an amazing man and I just want to say to any woman who can relate to this story that if you are trapped if you can't see a way out then open your eyes I finally have my happy ever after and miracles do exist. be smart be strong and you can be happy. God bless you all xx

God Bless Your Baby!
by: Jenn Sadai

I can definitely relate. Thank you for sharing your story. Talking about what happened is very therapeutic. I decided to share my story with the world in the hope that others will avoid the same mistakes I've made. Please continue to share and offer support to others. This problem is way too common. Together we can break the silence.

Jenn Sadai
Author of Dark Confessions of an Extraordinary, Ordinary Woman

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