How GOD helped me in my life

by Mary Greer
(4526Plymouth Kansas city mo )

On February 13th, my sister's birthday, she called me and some more ladies to go out with her for her birthday. A male friend came over to wish her a happy birthday. She wrote her number down, and she asked me to pass it to him from her. I stayed for a little bit.

I went to pick up my kids and went home. When I got home my husband was there, and he told me everything we did. O my GOD, let me tell you how good GOD is.

I locked the door and went to the bedroom. I felt something around my neck. He stabbed me in my neck. I asked him "why did you do that", then he stabbed me in the head. As I was trying to get out of the bedroom, he stabbed me in the lungs. I ran out of the bedroom, and I could hear my kids crying. I ran to the door, the door was locked, and the key was in the bedroom. As I wiped blood from my eyes, I got the door open.

GOD is good. As I was running to a friend's house, he was behind me. He grabbed my arm, and I say "LORD please give me strength to get away from him." When she opened the door, I collapsed on her floor. I believe I died that night because of what the ambulance man said. What I'm saying is "when i locked the door, GOD opened the door."

I'm doing great in my life today.

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