I Don't Know How I Got that Bruise

by Maureen P
(New York)

I don't know how I got that bruise. Doesn't that sound familiar? So many marks on my body were explained with a lie.

I didn't clean the house good enough, and a book was thrown at my face. The corner of the book hit me in the nose and broke my nose. My nose bled so much that I had to go to the hospital. He threatened me if I told what happened things would be worse when I got home. While the doctor was fixing and packing my nose, he asked how this really happened. I just said that we were playing, and a book was tossed and hit me in the face. The doctor looked at me and just walked out of the room. If he had only asked me and said there was help for abused women, I would have told him the truth.

I was crying inside. I felt people knew but chose not to get involved. I always wondered who was going to help me. No one ever did.

"The worst part of being strong is that no one ever asks you if you are ok."

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Glad you are in a safe place now
by: Anonymous

I read your posts and if I'm understanding correctly you have gotten out of your sbusive relationship and are in a happier place now. If so then I am glad for the healthy direction you are taking in your life. I hope you can recognize an abusive relationship now so you don't find yourself in another. You seem very strong. You ask why nobody said anything to you when they had to have known things weren't right? I believe it is because they know they can't save or rescue you. I am one of those people who has in fact spoken up to someone a few times actually when I witnessed a violent episode. Never once did that person ever take a step to get help. We care about you. We just have seen that you are the one who will need to take those steps as you are ready to take them.

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