I Thought he Loved me..

by Emily

I truly thought this man loved me. Everything was PERFECT!! Well, at least I thought...

Most days were better than others. Until the accusations came. Never in my life have I cheated on any man that I had been with. After about 1 strong year things began to change. I was being timed for everything. If I didn't be home (which was his resident for a brief time) within a certain number of minutes (as if I didn’t have any business to take care of), I would be called all types of names. Everywhere I went this man followed me. He would call me 30-40 times back to back, while sending rude messages at the same time. I started getting scared and blaming myself for everything that went wrong.

One morning I got up to cook breakfast (scrambled eggs, grits, sausage, etc.) he immediately rushed to the kitchen behind me and said demandingly "I want my eggs upside down." Now I had never cooked an egg like that, but I was willing to try. I replied "ok baby I’ve never", and before I could finish my sentence he had cut me off. So, I stopped cooking breakfast and left everything as is. We argued for a couple hours about an EGG before he decided that he needed to twist my wrist.

Well, days went on and things had gotten worst. but silly me stayed around! A few weeks later we had taken a 6-hour drive. I was tired and my intentions were to get to his home, wash up and rest because I had to work the next day. The whole ride back was nothing but fussing, and we established that we were no longer fit for each other. He said bad things, as well as I. Upon arriving to his home I was hoping that he would just get out without any further arguments. After about 30 minutes of trying to force him to get out of my vehicle, things got physical. He started by kicking my brand-new car (which infuriated) me even more. Then he jumped through my driver window as I’m backing out of his drive way (remind you this is a strong man), my car nearly tilting over into a ditch as he is trying his best to snatch me out of the car... I hit the gas on my car to throw him off it. Well, I tried to file a police report for assault but nothing could be done because he had already called and lied to the magistrate. So, from there I had a friend to beat him up. I’m still not satisfied!!

There are numerous holes in walls. Broken furniture / glass. If he does it ONCE, he sure as hell will do it again. I’m just glad to be amongst the living and not somewhere dead.

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Dec 09, 2016
Baby Showers For Battered Women
by: Anonymous



Mar 08, 2017
RUN...dont walk
by: Carol S.

RUN...dont walk away from a relationship or marriage the first time a partner hits yoy!

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