I Was A Victim of Domestic Violence

by Klacey J. Smith
(Raleigh, NC)

Very soon I have a book coming out in a series of parts of which the first one is entitled "Edie's Castle; Part One: Paula's Prophecy." At this time, the book in question is being edited, but you can read the unedited version broken down into individual chapters by going to:


The story begins where a young girl is growing up in England with a dream to not only meet her "Prince Charming," but, also, to emigrate to the land of "Milk & Honey," America. Despite her desire to fulfill these dreams, life throws many obstacles in her path not short of evasion of death, a oppositional father who only seeks to keep his "Little girl," close by, and a series of unrequited love. Right now, parts 1-8 is available with more parts being added. To begin reading this amazing story, go to the website and the books department and order your copies today!
Klacey J. Smith, R.N., Author

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