I'm Finally Free

(Anderson South Carolina)

I hate to start with a GoFundMe link, but I just recently got out of a terrible DV situation. I am currently residing in a city I have never been to on the account that I had to relocate because my children and my life were at stake. I was in a relationship with a physical and emotionally abusive man who almost killed us. I am currently in a DV shelter trying to pick up the pieces of our lives.

This process is all new to me. I have always been the provider and have recently lost everything when we left Pennsylvania with only the clothes on our back. I have four beautiful children who sad to say are also victims and don't deserve anything less than the best. Straight A students who were ripped away from their home and family to flee an abusive man they call Dad. I have no family or support, and no matter how far it seems I am trying to get ahead I can only do so much. So I am please asking for help to start this new journey in our lives. I appreciate everything even if it is just advice. I don't know how or what we are going to do, but I am indeed a survivor and just asking for support.

My GoFundMe link

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