July 22, 2013

by Kat Jones
(Memphis Tn)

On July 22 ,2013 I was assaulted by my kids father while we lived together. I found out shortly after I had our daughter in March that he had been cheating on me, gambling away all the money, leaving me to pay all the bills and take care of our kids, while he did what he wanted. Our children at that time were 3 months and 19 months old. I had been taking care of them without any help or money from him. His parents and my parents and my siblings helped me, and I am forever grateful.

On the day of the assault, we had no food in the house. I had no gas, and I had no money. I was in debt, lost my previous apartment, and owed money to everyone. That day we argued on the phone. I had my kids and was off of work. He was at work. We argued about money. It got heated, and he called me out of my name. I hung up the phone, and the next thing I know he was home.

He jumped at me, and I got up. I then said I would take my kids to my parents and leave and then he hit me in the face. My face was swollen. I had bruises on my body, so I got on my clothes, and he was apologizing. I got into my car with the kids. He kept saying that he's sorry and loves me. I told him to get out of my car. He then said if he couldn't have me, he didn't want my kids. I told him we didn't need him or want anything from him, go on with his life.

I then had to take my kids to live at my parent's house, and the hardest thing was to see the disappointment in my dad's face because I was the daughter that had always made him proud. I didn't talk to my kids’ father for months. He took me to court for visitation, so I took him for child support. I filled out a police report, but I didn't press charges because I wanted to be left alone. We have a relationship for the kids, and I forgive him.

This is my problem: He wants us back, and I don't trust him. I asked him to get help and he wouldn't. So, I don't want my kids to think this is ok. I love him, but I'm not the same, and I just don't know.

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Start a new life of your own
by: Anonymous

Please DON'T go back to him. If hasn't recieved professional help, which may or may not help him, stay away. I am trying to get away from my husband and everytime I think he has changed he does something that reminds me of the way it was during the "bad" times. He is all talk!

Don't go back!
by: Anonymous

I let mine back in and I regret it with my everything. He never put hands on me before and he just started in on that. I am back to square one. Don't go back.

please... no... don't...
by: Anonymous

please don't return to him. I'm trying to leave but don't have the Money and am afraid I'll be homeless. Don't go back to him hurting you and your kids, you are free!

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