Leaving An Abusive Home

by JoBeth
(Bristol, VA, USA)

My boys

My boys

I am a devoted Christian mother trying to give my children a safe home. Me (JoBeth), and my children Dallas (age 8) and Austin (age 14) desperately need to relocate away from their abusive alcoholic father. Dallas was born with 5 internal mid-line birth defects known as VATERS syndrome. While bright and in public school, his medical needs have forced me out of the workforce. I am responsible for his care 16 hours a day, and every weekend without assistance. While I have been divorced since 2004 it remained necessary to remain living with him due to finances. It is now essential that I physically move myself and my children away from this situation. I have the means to pay monthly living expenses and am only requesting assistance for the estimated cost of relocating including the cost of a u-haul, utility transfer fees and a security deposit. Thank you for your consideration. A $20 donation will help us move to a safe, stable home.


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