Living With Domestic Violence from S

(Powhatan, Virginia )

This man, my husband, just broke my nose again and just called me lazy twice in half an hour. This time though was different because he went and got his loaded 380 model handgun. The children were scared, and I'm so upset they had to see that. I'm outraged that this person thinks he can strangle me and hit, punch, and kick me and push me down on the ground and threaten me. I'm scared every time the door opens. What's going to set him off this time?

My body is so bruised and sore now. The funny thing is that this man just acts like everything normal. I tried to show him the paperwork from the hospital about my broken nose, and he didn't care to see it. He said what do you want me to do, just keep apologizing when I've already apologized? Wow yes, more than one apology would be nice, but if you don't mean it then no don't bother.

You make me feel like a nothing, just poop on your shoe. You cry to me right after it happened about how sorry you are and how bad you had it when you were little. But now two days later, you're just like "get over it" toward me. There is no one to tell because they wouldn't understand. I dream of being away from you. When I've left before, you sent the police to my house for a wellness check because I wouldn't answer my phone when you called me. You control me even if I leave.

I am the mother of your child. I am a powerful woman. I can change things for my kids and me. I just have to wait until the time is right.

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