Men Can be Abused Too

by Joe
(Chicago USA)

I'm 28 years old and live with my girlfriend. I can't help that, even though I know, she severely abuses me. I have problems I suppose that I need to work out. But look what she did two days ago. She hit me with a clock radio for not having water by the bed. I'm ashamed of myself.

Here is a video of the injury. (unfortunately, the administrator removed the video because this website's policy currently prohibits genital exposure in photographs and video) I have nerve damage also that is hopefully not permanent. I can't feel much in that leg anymore. I was holding back so many tears while filming that. I'm crying now. I'm sorry about the nudity... It was the only way for me to get this picture by myself. But people need to know and see what I usually have hidden from the world. I can't hide my wounds forever.

Please feel free to share this if it helps others. I'd love to talk to someone about all this right now for support. Thank you for having this site.

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Sep 22, 2017
So sorry!
by: Admin

Abuse is terrible and inhumane regardless of the gender of the victim. The severe bruise appearing on your thigh demonstrated severe trauma and physical injury. I hope you were able to find support and assistance.

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