My Fairy Tale Turned Into A Nightmare From R.

by Rachel
(Loveland, Co)

In the beginning, things started out almost like a fairy tale. The sun had never felt brighter, and the flowers had never looked so pretty. Even the words to love songs finally made sense. Yes, for the first time in her life, she found what love must feel like. She felt the warmth of man, where his arms were the safest place she could ever be. She had someone she felt she could trust, that she could tell her deepest secrets to. He was someone she thought she could spend the rest of her life and have children with. But, soon those dreams of the future turned into her worst nightmare....

Dreams to Nightmare

Soon those sweet words of encouragement turned into words of hate. The same person that once made her feel like she was on top of the world was now the person that made her feel she was nothing short of worthless. No longer was she doing things out of love for him, but all to avoid the argument of everything she was doing wrong. Accusations of being her being unfaithful and keeping her working or at home was now her life. Every day it was like she was on a roller coaster she couldn't get off of. Simple things such as riding in the car or cleaning around the house were turned into World War 3 with a drop of a hat.

Abuse and Expression of Remorse

Then things got even worse, and it finally happened. The anger in his eyes pierced into her soul like knives. The sting she soon felt on her cheek was nothing compared to how much her heart shattered. This isn't happening, she thought. It was supposed to be different for me. She knew he had a troubled past, but he swore it wouldn't happen with them. She wanted to leave, she knew it was wrong, but now he's apologizing. He didn't mean it. The anger is gone and now his eyes show remorse. Maybe she needs to love him more. She's sure they can work this out. Relationships take work. You don't just throw in the towel.

Hiding the Violence

No one knew what was happening. He told her the issues they had needed to be between them. Soon the smiles on her face were just an act for the pain she felt inside. She made up excuses for the behavior. It didn't happen all the time. It could be worse. Yes, things could always be worse.

Then a fight erupted again, just like every other night. This time the air was different. She yelled for him to say he hated her once more. He jumped toward her, and she tried to push him back, grabbing his neck. Pound after pound, and he took her to the ground. She pleaded for him to stop, while covering her head. Finally, he did and he helped her up, apologizing once more. Realizing what she had done to his neck he screamed "look what you've done!" That should have been the last straw, but now she was just too afraid.

A New Beginning

One day, she finally found her opportunity to leave, once again it came out he could possibly be straying. It's happened before, but he was a very good liar. So she planned her escape, there was no backing out! She waited until he was away and quickly packed up her things. Everything she was put through was going through her mind in that moment. She didn't know if this would be her only chance at happiness, and in that moment, she didn't care. She had to get away from him. There was no question. Now she is safe, surrounded by people who truly love her. Now it's picking up the pieces and putting her life back together. She still has nightmares of what could have been, but this isn't the end for this girl. This is her new beginning.

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Thank you
by: Rachel

Thank you for your kind words! Moving on is the hardest part, but it's also the most rewarding. I found how strong a person I actually am and will never look back.

Stunning words for such a sad tale
by: Ima Freegirl

Rachel - you do have a way with words... Do write your story, help to get the word out to those who haven't lived our life and therefore do not understand; help them understand.
I am sad to hear your story - no one should have to endure what we have. You are strong and inspiring; you did good to survive - keep on your journey!
You are alive - so, thrive!!!

by: Rachel

Yes you can! Any help I can provide to others would be a privilege. I hope everything goes well!

Personal project
by: Anonymous

Hi, my name is aldrianna and im doing a personal project for my school Green Run Colliegate and my personal project is on domestic violence and soreading stories and awareness. I would like to now if i could share your story in my scrapbook . It is very motivating and powerful

Thank you
by: Rachel

Thank you so much for reading my story and for your kind words. Every day is different for me, but I've never thought to write a book.

i hope you write a book
by: rainonme incalifornia

you have a way with words. sharing your story helps others to find the strength like you did. god bless you. you deserve peace and true love, and relief from strife. thank you for sharing your experience.

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